Community Guidelines

“Be Considerate and Respectful” is a core principle that requires people to treat other people in the community with civility, respect and consideration – both online and offline. Respect opposing or differing opinions and beliefs. Try to listen to and understand others with whom you may disagree. Encourage others in the community to also be welcoming and respectful.

Following these simple guidelines will help make this community a better place for us all:

Respect Others: is a meeting place for people of different cultures, lifestyles and ideals. By joining our community, you promise to communicate with respect and consideration, even if you encounter someone you disagree with.

Work Together to Resolve Disputes: Teepers are always encouraged to work through their member disputes and problems together with the other Teepers. Working together with others and appreciating different viewpoints are important aspects of the experience.

Don’t Attack Members or Their Content: Personal attacks are not allowed on, nor are disrespectful or insulting attacks directed at other people and their contributions to the community. See Policies and Terms of Use for more information.

Use Good Judgment and Be Empathetic: When interacting with others on, try to see the world from their perspective. People contribute to the community in their own way. Disputes between members can occur when differing cultural norms create a misunderstanding, as many things are acceptable in some cultures and unacceptable in others.

Member Interactions: It is okay to disagree. In fact, alternative points of view are a key part of cultural exchange as long as your comments are civil, respectful and polite. Remember to give the impression of assuming goodwill on the part of the person with whom you are disagreeing.

Retaliation Is Not Okay: It is never okay to violate policies, even in response to another person who has done so.

Safety Is a Cornerstone of the Community: Member safety is very important to and the health of the community.

Report Violations: If you feel another person is violating policies, contact directly our team at