Management: How Confidence Changes It All
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Management: How Confidence Changes It All

Léo Roblin

Management: How Confidence Changes It All

Creativity and productivity await next door.

I do like to listen to inspiring speeches. I’ve heard a lot. And they all can be summed up the same way.

  1. Don't ever think small
  2. You are very likely to fail — and even fail several times —
  3. But that’s no concern as soon as you are self-confident

Here  we are: confidence. Arguably this is what distinguish a winner from a  loser because confidence makes you up when you are down.

The very basic idea is that without confidence no one even stands a chance to succeed.

Let’s go further: if you are not confident in the people you work with, your company doesn’ t even stand a chance to make it.

Yet,  that’s no easy thing to do. Indeed, confidence is not simply trusting  someone. Confidence is having faith in someone. There is undoubtedly  something personal in it. So you want it to be well-earned.

However  the thing is that broadly speaking you don’t know well the people  you’re surrounded by at work. Well, you have no choice but to put your  trust in them. So you do it. And confidence turns into maturity. It  makes all the difference.

I  don’t want to talk about research here, I know there are. I know people  better qualified than me built theories about confidence management. I  rather want to express what it feels to work in a company which its core  value is confidence.

I  am 21 and I am officially an intern. In fact, I am more an associate.  The difference may sound silly but it does make a striking difference.

My  words weight as much as everyone else’s, including the CEO. I’m asked  for advice. No one looks down on me when I say I don’t agree. No one  tells me what to do. No one babysits me.

As  a result, not only do I feel empowered but I feel more engaged in the  project. I am no longer working on another person’s dream, I am part of  that dream too.

It literally frees me up. I try, I fail. But it’s okay. I am not blamed, I take advice. We discuss and I learn.

Well,  I grow. And the more I grow the more I challenge. Needless to say that  being constantly challenged makes you — both as a person and as a  company — grow faster, bigger, better. There is no way you can take  anything for granted, you are bound to constantly reflect on your  achievements.

The  flipside is that the hierarchy is gradually horizontal. In fact, your  company turns into a brain — and the workers become the neurons. Ideas  are popping up everywhere at anytime. The potential of your company is  unleashed.

It  doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is equal though. If you deem such an  horizontal organization would be overly excessive, just think of that:  just like in your brain, there are different areas where information  pass by. Some matter more than others. Some take the last word.

Confidence is truly a game changer.

As an intern, to handle important and meaningful tasks with the confidence of each other associate truly empowers me. It makes me grow. And Tepee grows with me.